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Our product line up

We only work with the highest quality products from Daikin and offer the full range of products. We guarantee a large stock of residential units, commercial units and VRF on ground.

Next to that we also keep the necessary parts in stock order to guarantee continuous uptime of your system.

Residential Cooling systems

Unit Type Models Refrigerant
High wall Split units 1HP, 1.5HP, 2HP, 2.5HP R22 & R410
Floor mounted Split units 1.5HP,2HP, 2.5HP R22 & R410
Floor Standing Package units 3HP, 5HP, 8HP, 10HP R410
Ceiling Cassette units 2HP, 2.5HP, 3HP, 4HP R22 & R410
DUCT/Ceiling Concealed Unit 3HP, 4HP R22 & R410

Commercial Air-conditioning Systems

Daikin System is an optimized cooling and heating system that is ideal air conditioning solution for Medium and large sized buildings.

Product Lineup Model Features
Duct type
MSP Duct
Slim duct
12,000btu/hr to 500,000btu/hr
  • Anti-bacteria filter
  • Easy Filter Cleaning
  • Smart Pressure Control
  • High Lift-up Drain Pump (Optional)
Cassette Type
Mini Cassette
4 way cassette
2.8, 3.6, 5.6 & 7.1 Kw 9.0 and 14.0 Kw
  • Wide Blades for powerful Air-flow
  • Ceiling Dust Prevention
  • Fresh Air Intake
  • High Lift-up Drain Pump

VRF System

  • Smooth sine wave DC inverter compressor
  • Multi solenoid valve control technology
  • Long equivalent Piping Length (175 m)
  • High COP and EER Value
  • Precise oil control technology
  • Centralized Control system and interface to BMS & open networks
  • ERV System – Fresh and healthy air supplier

Indoor Lineup for VRF System:

  • Cassette Type (4-way, Mini 4-way, 2-way,1 way)
  • Ceiling Concealed Duct type (HSP/MSP/SLIM)
  • Wall Mounted splits and Design units
  • Console
  • AHU

Outdoor Lineup for VRF System:

  • Mini VRV from 4HP, VRV from 6HP to 60HP
  • Cooling only and heat pump both modes available
  • 50 to 130 % diversity

Control for VRF System:

  • Individual control like wired and wireless Remote
  • Centralized control for Indoor units for zoning
  • Outdoor centralized control
  • Data converter to connect the system to IPad/Laptop and various other gate ways
  • Card key interface for Hotel guest room application
  • Infra-red sensor

Industrial Air-conditioning Systems (R407C and R134A)

Daikin has a wide range of industrial systems such as Chilled water systems cooled by air or water. Next to this we can also provide you with a comprehensive range of custom made Air handling units and Fancoil units.

We’re ready for your project!